Nick Leroy

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Originaire du Nord de la France Nick Leroy  a commencé sa première résidence à l'âge de 16 ans.
Cela fait fait maintenant plus de 20 ans qu' il voyage dans les  clubs les plus grands et les événements en Europe.

Résident pour les "White et Black Partie" en Europe

Sa musique  peut être le mieux décrits comme "toute la saveur de la house music".
Il peut réchauffer et faire danser  la foule dans un style plus progressif à un style très tribal!

Retrouver ce mélange «all flavor of house music»  dans son Emission Culture Mix




active of the North of France Nikko started his first residence at the age of 16 yo.

It's now about 20 years that Dj NIKKO carrier and sets travel to some of the biggest

club and events in Europe. His music selection and incredible music collection have

been a reference to many djs in his region but also at some of the main French

Radio!! Resident in club as the Springboard, the blue Lagoon, creator of the concept

"My House Is Your House" with a tour in France (Bordeaux, Strasbourg, Toulouse,

Paris) and launching a new concept this year under the name CULTURE MIX . Resident dj

from Scandal Ibiza in 2005 at the RETRO house nights in the world famous club PACHA.

We saw him also at DELICE one of French main circuit party where he was invited to

play by resident dj Wallys. His unforgettable dj set "Back to Back" together with

DjBenjamin at the WHITE PARTY in Amsterdam and in Rome created some fabulous vibes on

the dance floor! His music and sets can best be described as "all flavor of house

music". He can warm up and work the crowd in a more progressive to a very tribal